Northwest Territories

Northwest TerritoriesThe Northwest Territories is part of Canada. It stretches from the northern borders of the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan virtually to the North Pole and from the territories of Yukon within the west to Nunavut within the east.

Yellowknife is the capital and the most important metropolis of the Northwest Territories. It lies within the southern a part of the territory, on the shores of Yellowknife Bay. The bay stands proud from Nice Slave Lake.

The ancestors of greater than half the individuals within the Northwest Territories got here from Europe. The remainder of the individuals are American Indians, Inuit <<IHN yoo iht>>, and Métis <<might TEES>>. The Inuit have been as soon as referred to as Eskimos. The Métis are associated to each Europeans and American Indians.


The Northwest Territories is a large wilderness. Within the southern half, mountains, lakes, and rivers give the land nice pure magnificence. The northern a part of the territory is a frozen space of islands and icy waters.

The Mackenzie Mountains stand up alongside the western border. East of the mountains, the sandy plains of the Mackenzie River Valley include lakes and swamps.

The northern a part of the Northwest Territories is so chilly that no forests can develop there. Most of this space is roofed by rocky plains with lakes and rivers. This area additionally consists of a number of islands within the Arctic Ocean.

Assets and merchandise

The Northwest Territories has big quantities of minerals. Crucial minerals are zinc, gold, oil, and lead. This area is the main North American producer of zinc and lead.

Some printed supplies and wooden merchandise are made within the Northwest Territories. Fishing fleets on Nice Slave Lake catch whitefish and lake trout. Many individuals work for the federal government.

Historical past

Symbols Northwest TerritoriesInuit and American Indians lived within the Northwest Territories for hundreds of years earlier than Europeans arrived. The primary European explorers reached the area within the 1700’s.

In 1870, the federal government of Canada organized an enormous space of land that stretched throughout northern Canada into the Northwest Territories. Within the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s, elements of this land went to different Canadian provinces. In 1898, the territory of Yukon was shaped from the western a part of the Northwest Territories.

In 1992, the individuals of the Northwest Territories voted to divide it into japanese and western territories. In 1999, the japanese half, the place a lot of the Inuit reside, turned the brand new territory of Nunavut. The western half stored the identify Northwest Territories.

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