Mecca <<MEHK uh>> is the holiest metropolis of Islam, the faith of the Muslims. Mecca is in western Saudi Arabia. The town is the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad, who established Islam.

Solely Muslims might enter Mecca, as a result of it’s a holy metropolis. Everywhere in the world, Muslims face Mecca once they pray. Muslims should make a hajj, or spiritual journey, to Mecca no less than as soon as throughout their lifetime if they will. Individuals making the hajj are referred to as pilgrims.

A constructing referred to as the Nice Mosque <<mahsk>> stands in the midst of Mecca. It’s the middle of worship for all Muslims.The surface of the Mosque is an arcade <<ahr KAYD>>, a round passage with arches held up by pillars. Contained in the arcade is a courtyard. The Kaaba stands within the courtyard. The Kaaba is a sq. constructing product of stone. The Black Stone, which Muslims consider was despatched by Allah (God), is the japanese cornerstone of the Kaaba.

About 2 million individuals make the hajj annually. They’re in Mecca a number of days of the final month of the Muslim yr.About half of the individuals come from different nations.

Greater than forty years in the past, the federal government of Saudi Arabia started a program to modernize Mecca. Trendy lodges have been constructed for pilgrims. The federal government labored to provide individuals lighting, well being care, and safety. The federal government of Saudi Arabia spends tens of millions of dollars annually caring for pilgrims who come to Mecca.


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