Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands flagThe Marshall Islands is a small tropical nation within the North Pacific Ocean. It lies east of the Philippine Islands and northeast of Australia. The nation is made up of 29 ring-formed islands referred to as atolls <<AT ahlz>> and 5 different islands. The quantity of land on every island is small, however the islands are scattered over a big space of ocean.The atoll of Majuro is the capital.

Most people are Pacific Islands individuals referred to as Micronesians <<MY kruh NEE zhuhnz>>. About half of them stay on Majuro, and lots of others stay on Ebeye Island. The remainder of the individuals are scattered among the many different islands.

Many individuals work for the Marshall Islands authorities. On Kwajalein Atoll, some individuals work for a United States army base. On different islands, individuals fish and lift crops reminiscent of breadfruit, arrowroot, pandanus, and coconuts. A rising variety of vacationers go to the nation right now.

Marshall Islands mapThe primary individuals to stay within the Marshall Islands in all probability got here from Southeast Asia. Spanish explorers have been the primary Europeans to reach. Germany managed the islands within the late 1800’s, however Japan took over in 1914.

America fought Japan in World Conflict II (1939-1945). America took over the islands in 1944. In 1979, the Marshall Islands wrote its personal structure, a algorithm for presidency. In 1986, the nation turned unbiased.America defends and provides cash to the Marshall Islands.

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