Marshes are very moist lands the place timber and bushes often don’t develop. Nevertheless, many sorts of animals stay in marshes, together with turtles, frogs, muskrats, and dragonflies.

Freshwater marshes typically type the place the water is shallow round lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. Crops similar to bulrushes, horsetails, cattails, and reeds typically develop in marshes.

Salt marshes type the place recent water flows into the ocean. They typically type across the mouth of a river. Grasses similar to cordgrass and salt-meadow grass typically develop in salt marshes.

Individuals are starting to know that marshes are essential to plant and animal life. At present, they’re making an attempt to guard marshes. However many marshes are nonetheless being destroyed annually. Individuals drain the land to construct on it. Water air pollution additionally damages marshes.

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