Lake Retba: The Amazing Pink Lake of Senegal

Did You Know?
Dunaliella salina is not the only organism that creates pink hues in drinking water bodies. In a variety of areas of the entire world, substantial focus of phytoplankton, which are microscopic plant-like organisms, also change the drinking water into a vivid crimson colour throughout the day and a bioluminescent blue at evening.

The Lake Retba is situated in Northwest Africa, in Cap-Vert Peninsula that lies thirty km northeast of the funds, Dakar. The lake, which is also properly-known by its French name Lac Rose, is acknowledged for its in a natural way taking place pink waters. The drinking water in the lake is very saline, hence giving it its buoyant property. The lake is divided from the Atlantic Ocean, only by a narrow strip of dunes, and is being deemed to be named as a Globe Heritage Site. The pink color of the lake is especially noticeable for the duration of the dry season (November – June) and lessens during the rains (July – October).

Why is it Pink?

The h2o of the lake has a pinkish hue to it. And no, it is not simply because of some chemical response. The explanation for the unique pink colour of the drinking water is, in simple fact, an algae referred to as Dunaliella salina, which receives captivated to the lake since of its substantial salinity. This specific micro organism generates a crimson pigment, so as to soak up sunlight, which presents the lake its distinctive pink shade. Hardly any other microorganisms are capable to endure in the lake simply because of its substantial salt articles. Even so, Dunaliella salina has the capability to make massive amounts of beta-Carotene, the reason why this solitary-celled organism is capable to survive. The beta-Carotene assists the algae to defend by itself towards the intense daylight that is reflected off the salt, and also offers it the darkish pink hue. Throughout summertime, the saline stage of the waters is quite higher. Thanks to this, not only does the water turn strawberry pink, it also turns into bloody crimson at moments.

Can You Swim in it?

The color of the lake might make a single surprise whether or not or not the h2o is cleanse and protected. It may well amaze you that not only is the water in shape for swimming, it is also suit for consumption. Moreover, the algae also is quite prosperous in antioxidants, the cause why it is frequently utilized in cosmetics as well as dietary dietary supplements. There are even a few species of fish that survive in the saline water due to their ability to pump out further salt, keeping their h2o ranges balanced.

Salt Extraction

Unnecessary to say, the lake is also nicely-known for its salt generation. One particular can often see salt collectors at work near the lake. The shores are entire of salt piles, producing it a great landscape of white and pink when noticed from afar. This salt is collected by the locals basically by making use of their arms. It is then placed into baskets and carried to the shore. The salt is washed and dried in the sunlight, following which it varieties a dense shell that is more crushed. This salt is then marketed and utilized by the locals, primarily for fish preservation.

Personnel devote up to 12 several hours each working day gathering salt from the lake bed. To shield on their own from the salinity of the water, they set “Beurre de Karité” on their pores and skin, which is shea butter received from the shea nuts.

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