Dominica flagDominica <<DAHM uh NEE kuh>> is a small island nation within the Caribbean Sea. It lies 320 miles (515 kilometers) north of Venezuela. Roseau <<roh ZOH>> is its capital and largest metropolis.

Most Dominicans have African ancestors. Some have African, British, and French ancestors. A number of Dominicans have Carib Indian ancestors.

Most people reside in villages. Those that stay within the cities often converse English, the official language. The language typically utilized by villagers is a mix of African and French. Most Dominicans are Christians.

Dominica is a mountainous land. It has small flat areas alongside the coast. The nation has many rivers. The local weather is scorching, with heavy rain within the mountains. Virtually two-thirds of the individuals work on farms. There’s some mining, manufacturing, promoting, and tourism.

Dominica mapArawak Indians have been the primary settlers in Dominica about 2,000 years in the past. Carib Indians took over the island about 1,000 years later. In 1493, Christopher Columbus turned the primary European to see the island.

French and British settlers started to reach within the 1600’s. For a few years, the French, British, and Caribs fought for management. The British gained. They introduced in African slaves as farmworkers. The slaves have been freed in 1834. Dominica turned unbiased in 1978.

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