Cusco <<KOOS koh>>, additionally spelled Cuzco, is a metropolis in southern Peru. It lies within the Andes Mountains. Cusco was the capital of the Inca empire within the 1400’s and early 1500’s.

 Individuals had begun to stay within the Cusco space by about 1300 B.C. The Inca empire started about A.D. 1438 underneath the ruler Pachacuti. Pachacuti rebuilt Cusco because the empire’s capital. The town seems to have been constructed within the form of a puma(mountain lion). Its temples and palaces had partitions of finely fitted stone blocks and roofs of thatch. The Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro conquered Cusco in 1533. He then took over the Inca empire.

At the moment, Cusco is a buying and selling middle for farmers. Industries in Cusco embrace tanning (making leather-based), brewing (making beer), refining sugar, and making cotton items and chocolate. Many vacationers go to the town to see Inca and Spanish structure.The traditional Inca website of Machu Picchu is close by.

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