Cheju Island

Cheju Island (pop. 543,323), additionally spelled Jeju, is a volcanic island off the southern coast of South Korea. The island is a province of South Korea. The town of Cheju, on the island’s northern coast, is the province’s capital.

At about 713 sq. miles (1,846 sq. kilometers), Cheju Island is South Korea’s largest island. South Korea’s highest mountain, Halla-san (Halla Mountain), rises 6,398 ft (1,950 meters) within the middle of the island. It’s a volcano that has been inactive for almost 2,000 years. On the prime of the mountain lies a crater lake referred to as Paengnoktam (additionally spelled Baekrodam), which suggests White Deer Lake.

The island has a rugged panorama that includes seashores, caves, lava tubes (lengthy, cavelike channels via which lava flowed), and waterfalls. These fascinating pure options and Cheju Island’s semitropical local weather make it a well-liked trip vacation spot. Cheju Island is residence to feminine divers often known as haenyo <<HAYN yoh>>. These women and girls dive for shellfish, octopus, and seaweed with out using synthetic respiration units.

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