Chad flagChad is a big nation in the midst of northern Africa. Libya lies to the north, Sudan is to the east, and the Central African Republic is to the south. Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon are to the west. Chad is likely one of the world’s poorest nations. It has few factories, few good roads, and no railroads in any respect. The individuals are referred to as Chadians. Most converse their very own African languages, although French and Arabic are the official languages.

Chad has no seacoast. The north of the nation is a scorching, dry desert the place few individuals stay. The south has extra rain, and a number of other rivers move by means of it. Individuals develop crops there and lift animals. Lake Chad will get a lot smaller within the dry season, however many individuals fish there.

Within the north, most individuals increase cattle, camels, goats, and sheep. They wander from place to put with their animals. They reside in tents. Most individuals within the north are Muslims, or individuals who comply with the religion of Islam. Within the south, individuals stay in homes product of mud bricks or straw. They develop cotton, millet, rice, and different crops. Some southerners comply with African religions, however many are Christians. Most faculties and companies are within the south. Individuals within the north really feel they don’t have as a lot probability for a greater life as individuals within the south. These emotions have led to preventing between north and south.

Chad mapUp to now, Chad was made up of small kingdoms, together with Kanem, Baguirmi, and Ouaddai. France started to discover and make claims over Chad within the late 1800’s. Chad turned a French colony in 1920. Chad turned unbiased in 1960, however preventing between north and south prevented progress. In 1996, the nation adopted a brand new structure, nevertheless it didn’t cease the preventing.

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