Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso flagBurkina Faso <<bur KEE nuh FAH soh>> is a rustic in western Africa. It lies between Mali on the north and west and Niger on the east. Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire are on the south. Ouagadougou, its capital, is the most important metropolis.

The nation is landlocked—it has no opening to the ocean. It’s principally wooded and grassy with poor, rocky soil. The land is dry a lot of the yr.

Burkina Faso has many teams of individuals. The Mossi, Bobo, Gurunsi, and Lobi peoples type the most important group. The opposite group consists of the Boussance, Marka, Samo, and Senufo peoples. There are additionally Fulani and Tuareg nomads, individuals who transfer with their animals from place to put.

Solely about one-third of the youngsters in Burkina Faso go to high school. Most individuals can’t learn and write.

Cattle elevating is an important work in Burkina Faso. Farmers develop principally grains, cotton, and peanuts.

Burkina Faso mapThe Mossi individuals have lived in Burkina Faso longest. They established a robust kingdom within the 1300’s. Assaults from the highly effective Songhai Empire in what’s now Mali weakened the Mossi Kingdom within the 1500’s, and it started to say no. France captured Ouagadougou in 1896. In 1919, they made the world a French colony referred to as Higher Volta. The nation turned unbiased in 1960 and altered its identify to Burkina Faso, which means land of the trustworthy individuals, in 1984. The nation has an elected authorities right now.

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