Bonaire is an island within the Caribbean. It lies about 50 miles (eighty kilometers) north of Venezuela within the Caribbean Sea. Klein Bonaire is a tiny island about half a mile (zero.eight kilometer) west of Bonaire. The 2 islands have a mixed space of 114 sq. miles (294 sq. kilometers). Bonaire is an abroad municipality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its political standing is just like that of a Dutch metropolis. Bonaire’s capital is Kralendijk.

Bonaire’s official language is Dutch. Nevertheless, most individuals use Papiamento, which mixes African and European languages, as their widespread language. Lots of Bonaire’s individuals have combined ancestry. Their ancestors embrace Africans, Europeans, and American Indians. The individuals are primarily Roman Catholic.

Tourism is crucial financial exercise on Bonaire. The island has poor soil and a dry local weather, and there’s little agriculture. Salt manufacturing and oil delivery add to the financial system.

Arawak Indians have been the primary individuals to stay on Bonaire. Spain claimed the island in 1499. Within the 1600’s, the Dutch seized Bonaire. The island then modified possession a number of extra occasions earlier than 1814. That yr, the UK and the Netherlands signed a treaty that gave Bonaire again to the Dutch in 1816.

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