Bhutan flagBhutan <<boo TAHN>> is a small nation in south-central Asia. It’s bordered by Tibet, part of China, on the north and by India on the south. The rugged mountains of the Himalaya cowl a lot of Bhutan. Plains stretch throughout the south. The city of Thimphu is the capital of the nation.

Bhutan’s two largest teams of individuals are the Sharchops and the Ngalops. Each teams comply with the Buddhist faith. Many individuals from Nepal additionally stay in Bhutan. The Nepalese comply with the Hindu faith. The individuals of Bhutan principally farm crops and herd cattle. They reside in small villages separated by the mountains. Farmers plant crops in valleys or on flat areas referred to as terraces on mountainsides. Barley, rice, and wheat are the chief crops.

Within the 800’s, individuals from Tibet invaded what’s now Bhutan. By the 1500’s, the Tibetans managed Bhutan. In 1907, a strong landowner named Ugyen Wangchuk was chosen to steer the federal government. He made himself Bhutan’s first king. Within the following years, the UK and India had some management over the world.

Bhutan mapIn 1959, China claimed a part of Bhutan. The nation then strengthened its ties to India and commenced packages to modernize its commerce, its faculties, and its hospitals.

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