Benin flagBenin <<beh NEEN>> is a rustic on the west coast of Africa. It’s bordered by Togo on the west, Burkina Faso on the northwest, Niger on the north, Nigeria on the east, and the Gulf of Guinea on the south. The coast of Benin is flat and sandy. Farther inland, the land is roofed with forests. Porto-Novo is the capital, however Cotonou, the most important metropolis, is the enterprise middle.

The nation has about 60 totally different teams of individuals. Most individuals belong to the Fon, Adja, or Yoruba teams. They stay in southern Benin.One other giant group is the Bariba. They reside within the north.

Benin has little business. Most people farm for a dwelling. Cotton is likely one of the most necessary crops. Merchandise from palm timber are additionally essential, together with palm oil.

Benin mapIn the course of the 1100’s or 1200’s, a number of African kingdoms dominated what’s now Benin. By the 1600’s, the dominion of Dahomey<<DUH hoh mee>> dominated Benin. The world turned part of French West Africa in 1904. It turned unbiased in 1960. At the moment, its identify was Dahomey. In 1975, it modified its identify to Benin.

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