Belmopan << BEHL moh PAN>> is the capital of Belize. It lies about 35 miles (fifty five kilometers) inland from the Caribbean Sea. Belmopan turned the capital in August 1970, when Belize nonetheless belonged to the UK. The town’s inland location helps shield it from hurricanes and flooding that strike Belize Metropolis, the previous capital, on the coast.

Development of Belmopan, a deliberate metropolis, started within the late 1960’s. The town’s first buildings have been authorities buildings and houses for presidency staff. Since Belize gained independence in 1981, Belmopan has grown slowly in measurement and significance.

The identify Belmopan comes from Belize, the identify of the nation and its chief river, and Mopan, the identify of a Mayan Indian tribe. As early because the A.D. 500’s, the Mayan civilization lived within the space that’s now Belize. Mayan designs embellish a number of of the town’s authorities buildings.


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