Asia is the most important continent in each measurement and inhabitants. It covers virtually one-third of the world’s land. About three-fifths of the world’s individuals stay in Asia.

Asia stretches from Africa and Europe within the west to the Pacific Ocean within the east. The northernmost a part of the continent lies inside the frozen Arctic. Within the south, Asia ends close to the equator, the place it is rather scorching.

Asia is made up of fifty nations. Hundreds of islands are additionally a part of Asia. The continent has a number of the world’s largest and smallest nations in inhabitants. China has extra individuals than another nation—about 1 1/three billion. However a number of nations in Asia have populations of lower than 1 million individuals.

Asia additionally has a few of the world’s largest and smallest nations in land measurement. Russia is the world’s largest nation. Bahrain, the Maldives, and Singapore are a few of the world’s smallest nations.

Since Asia is such a big continent, many various animals stay there. Individuals have tamed a number of the animals to make use of for farming and journey. These embrace camels, elephants, reindeer, yaks, and water buffaloes.

Wild animals are plentiful. Within the far north, one can discover lemmings, which cover underneath the snow within the winter. North Asia’s brown bears, elks, otters, and sables are hunted for his or her fur. The enormous panda, a black-and-white bearlike animal, lives solely in China. Within the south and southeast, one finds monkeys, apes, tigers, leopards, and delightful birds.


Asia and Europe are a part of the identical large mass of land. No physique of water separates them utterly.

Asia has six main land areas.Southwest Asia is made up of desert within the south. It has mountains and excessive, flat areas referred to as plateaus within the north.Southeast Asia is wealthy in pure assets. East Asia has loads of fertile soil and different assets. Forests and farmland cowl a big a part of North Asia. It’s so chilly within the far north that the land stays frozen all yr lengthy. Central Asia has a lot of the continent’s poorest land. South Asia has very heat climate and plenty of wealthy farmland.

Assets and merchandise

Farming is crucial a part of Asia’s financial system. Most individuals make their dwelling from farming.

Elements of Asia are wealthy in minerals and different pure assets. Southwest Asia provides loads of the world’s oil. Southeast Asia supplies a lot of the world’s tin. Most of Asia’s factories are in China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and Taiwan. Tens of millions of Asians make their dwelling by fishing the seas and rivers.


Asia has many various teams of individuals. The Arabs within the southwest and the Chinese language within the east are the most important teams. Typically, one nation has many teams. Most Asians reside in river or mountain valleys or close to the ocean.

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