Arctic Circle

Arctic CircleThe Arctic <<AHRK tihk or AHR tihk>> Circle is an imaginary line that runs around the globe near the North Pole. It lies at 66 degrees 33 minutes north latitude. Latitude is a measure of distance north or south of the equator. The equator is at 0 degrees latitude, and the North Pole is at 90 degrees north latitude. The Arctic Circle runs through northern parts of Canada, Alaska, Russia, and Scandinavia.

In every place on the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets on the longest day of summer, around June 21. In the same places, the sun never rises on the shortest day of winter, around December 21. In places farther north, there are more days in summer when the sun never sets. There are also more days in winter when the sun never rises in these places. At the North Pole, the sun remains in the sky for 90 days before and 90 days after June 21. The sun cannot be seen for 90 days before and 90 days after December 21.

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