Algeria flagAlgeria is the most important nation in Africa. Algeria lies in northern Africa alongside the Mediterranean Sea. It’s bordered by Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Algiers, Algeria’s capital and largest metropolis, lies subsequent to the Mediterranean Sea.


Algeria landAlgeria has three most important land areas. They’re the Inform, the Excessive Plateaus, and the Sahara.

The Inform stretches alongside the Mediterranean Sea. It’s made up principally of flat land and hilly land. The phrase Inform is an Arabic phrase which means “hill.” A lot of Algeria’s greatest farmland lies on this area. Mountains cowl a lot of the japanese Inform. The Inform Atlas Mountains rise alongside the area’s southern edge. Most of Algeria’s individuals reside within the Inform.

The Excessive Plateaus are excessive, grassy flat lands referred to as plains. They lie south of the Inform Atlas Mountains. Herders feed their cattle, sheep, and goats on the grasses and shrubs that cowl the plains.

The Saharan Atlas Mountains type the northern border of Algeria’s Sahara area. This desert space covers most of Algeria’s land. Pure fuel and oil are discovered within the japanese a part of this area. Within the southeast, the Ahaggar Mountains tower over the desert.

Assets and merchandise

Algeria has a considerable amount of oil and pure fuel that it mines from beneath the bottom. The Algerian authorities makes most of its cash from promoting oil and pure fuel.

Lots of Algeria’s individuals work in service industries. They maintain jobs at such locations as banks, hospitals, and faculties.

The Algerian authorities controls the key industries comparable to oil and fuel manufacturing. Nevertheless, many small factories and farms are owned by people.


Most of Algeria’s individuals are half Arab and half Berber. Berbers lived in what’s now Algeria no less than 5,000 years in the past. Arabs started to reach through the A.D. 600’s. Through the years, Arabs and Berbers typically married one another. Now it’s exhausting to inform the teams aside. Individuals are referred to as both Arabs or Berbers, in accordance with their language and lifestyle.

Most Algerians converse Arabic. Some individuals converse totally different types of the Berber language. Many individuals additionally converse French.

Historical past

Algeria mapOver the centuries, the Berbers and the Arabs every dominated empires in Algeria. From the 1500’s to the 1800’s, Algeria was a part of the Ottoman Empire. That empire started in what’s now Turkey. In 1830, France gained management of a part of Algeria. By 1914, France managed all of Algeria. In 1962, Algeria gained its independence after a struggle with France.

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