Africa is the second largest continent. Solely the continent of Asia is bigger. Africa covers a few fifth of the world’s land.


As a result of it’s so huge, Africa has many sorts of land.There are some mountains in Africa, however a lot of the continent is a excessive, flat piece of land referred to as a plateau. Stretching throughout a lot of northern Africa is the Sahara. The Sahara, which is about the identical measurement as the USA, is the world’s largest desert.

Africa has the world’s longest river, too. It’s referred to as the Nile. Different necessary rivers in Africa embrace the Congo, the Niger <<NY juhr>>, and the Zambezi<<zam BEE zee>>. These rivers have many waterfalls. Probably the most lovely known as Victoria Falls. It’s on the Zambezi.

A lot of Africa is roofed with grassland. Grasslands are the house of many animals, comparable to elephants, giraffes, zebras, and buffaloes. These animals are hunted by different animals who additionally stay in grasslands. The hunters embrace cheetahs, leopards, and lions.

Africa additionally has many forests. Most of them are tropical rain forests. There are a whole lot of sorts of timber in these scorching, damp forests. Animals corresponding to monkeys and chimpanzees and brightly coloured birds and bugs stay within the timber. Crocodiles and hippopotamuses stay within the rivers and swamps.

Africa as soon as had many extra animals than it does at this time. Work on rocks present that giraffes and hippos as soon as lived in locations that immediately are deserts.When the local weather modified, these animals needed to depart these areas or die.Nevertheless, hunters additionally killed many animals. Safaris, or searching journeys, was very fashionable. Individuals from different locations would come to Africa to hunt lions, elephants, and different huge animals.

As we speak, Africa fights to save lots of wild elephants, zebras, and different animals. Africans have made parks and protected areas for wild animals. Searching is managed. At present, individuals come from different nations to take footage of animals, to not shoot them.

Nevertheless, searching continues to be an issue. Some African farmers kill wild animals who may eat their livestock. Different people who find themselves poor kill wild animals for meals to feed their households. Discovering a stability between the rights of poor individuals and the security of untamed animals is troublesome.

Merchandise and assets

In Africa, extra individuals work as farmers than as anything. One of many essential crops that’s farmed is cacao, or cocoa beans.Africa is the world’s largest producer of those beans, that are used to make chocolate. Different necessary African crops are bananas, cashews, espresso, peanuts, rice, rubber, sugar, tea, wheat, and yams. African farmers additionally increase loads of cattle, goats, and sheep, in addition to a lot of the world’s camels. Fishing within the ocean and in lakes and rivers can also be essential.

Africa has many minerals. The continent is a number one supply of diamonds, gold, iron ore, tin, and different minerals. A number of African nations are main oil producers.

There’s not a number of manufacturing achieved in most elements of Africa. Many African nations can’t afford to construct giant factories, however most giant cities and cities have some small industries.


The individuals of Africa belong to many various teams. Every group has individuals who share the identical historical past, language, faith, and lifestyle.

Most Africans are black, they usually reside south of the Sahara Desert. Most of northern Africa’s individuals are Arabs.

Most Africans reside within the countryside and farm for a dwelling. In lots of elements of rural Africa, the individuals reside lots like individuals lived a whole lot of years in the past. Nevertheless, since about 1950, hundreds of thousands of Africans have moved to cities. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the most important metropolis in Africa. Individuals who stay there and in different African cities have extra trendy issues than a lot of the different individuals on the continent. Such issues embrace automobiles, electrical energy, and operating water. Metropolis individuals even have higher faculties and medical care than individuals dwelling on farms.

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