Four Tips for Traveling DJs

Being a DJ is already a dream job–great music, loud parties, and lots of new people to meet. But, what could make this job even better? Taking your gigs on the road.

You already have the skills, the best VST plugins and tools. Why not do some work and have a great trip at the same time? Here are four tips for disc jockeys looking to take their skills to new places.

Start Small and Build Up Your Reputation

As a new DJ, you need to try to get some gigs. This may seem daunting, especially if you don’t have a lot (or any) experience. You need to start small and work for free at small parties or events, eventually working your way up to a paid event.

Once you get that first paid job, make sure you are fully prepared and you know your stuff. Double check your gear and music library–is everything perfect? This first impression is important and you want everything to go as smooth as possible.

After that first gig, you should have built up the confidence in your abilities to keep pushing forward and looking for more jobs. Whatever job you do, put 100% effort into it, and you will be more likely to get rehired again and again.

Be Brave and Put Yourself Out There

Travel opportunities are not going to fall from the sky into your lap. You need to search around. You may have to do some research or networking to see if any events are going on that need a traveling DJ to host.

A good idea may be to search online for events going on in another city. Contact the event planner and tell them you are interested in DJing for the event. It may come in handy to have a mix tape or video of your past work.

It may also be helpful to have someone help you write a proposal email that advertises your DJ services to potential clients. Start sending them out, and wait for those calls to come in.

Look for Alternative Gigs

There are an untold number of opportunities that many aspiring DJs don’t think to explore. For example, did you know you can DJ on a cruise ship?

Many cruise ships have bars and clubs on them, and they are always looking for a new DJ to entertain the guests while at sea.

If you aren’t quite ready to take to the open ocean, you can opt to play at a ski resort for their winter season. As snowboarders come off the slopes after a long day, they will be looking to sit and relax at one of the mountain bars.

With this in mind, pitch the idea to a ski mountain of your choice and you could be able to hit the slopes between sets.

Where Should You Go Next?

Once you have some decent traveling experience under your belt, you should have gained some loyal fans, confidence, and hopefully some happy employers. You could easily get rehired for these types of jobs, or you could continue to expand your horizons with gigs even further away.

Final Thought

As you can see, it takes only a bit of time to get used to the traveling for work aspect of DJing. With enough happy fans and brand reputation, you could soon be on your first international tour.

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