Europe is certainly one of Earth’s seven continents. It’s smaller than each different continent besides Australia, however solely Asia and Africa have extra individuals. There are forty nine nations in Europe. Russia, the most important nation on the planet, extends throughout japanese Europe and into Asia. Vatican Metropolis, the world’s smallest nation, can also be in Europe. Different nations in Europe embrace France, Germany, Greece, Eire, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.



The well-known Alps and different excessive mountains rise in Europe. Different elements of Europe have smaller mountains and excessive, flat areas of land referred to as plateaus. Forests cowl a few of these areas. A plain of wealthy, flat land and rolling hills stretches throughout a lot of northern Europe from the Ural Mountains in Russia to the Atlantic coast. Europe additionally has many rivers and lakes. Hundreds of islands lie off the west coast of Europe within the Atlantic Ocean and to the south within the Mediterranean Sea.

Foxes, wolves, rabbits, and deer stay in lots of elements of Europe. Lots of Europe’s wild animals stay in areas which are arduous for individuals to succeed in, or they’re protected in zoos or parks. Brown bears stay principally in Russia. Europe has many sorts of birds. Fish are plentiful within the seas off the coasts of Europe.



Over seven hundred million individuals reside in Europe. These individuals belong to many various teams. Every group has individuals who converse the identical language and share the identical historical past, faith, and lifestyle.

Some individuals in Europe reside within the countryside and work on farms. Different individuals stay within the cities in trendy homes and condominium buildings. Europe has many massive cities with faculties, shops, hospitals, and church buildings. Some cities are crowded. Many individuals have moved from the countryside to the cities to search for jobs.


Assets and merchandise

Greater than half the land in Europe is used for farming.Many households have their very own farms, however some individuals work in teams on large farms. They share the crops they develop. Extra oats, potatoes, and wheat are grown in Europe than on another continent. Different necessary crops embrace beans, corn, fruit, olives, and peas. Farmers in most elements of Europe increase cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens for meat. Individuals in Europe eat lots of fish.

Europe has many minerals. Miners dig for coal and for metals resembling iron ore, lead, silver, and zinc.

Europe’s factories make extra merchandise than these of some other continent.Many sorts of automobiles are made in Europe. Europe is a number one area for world commerce, banking, analysis, and schooling.


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