Yekaterinburg <<yuh KAT uhr ihn BURG>> is certainly one of Russia’s largest cities and a number one industrial middle. It’s a transportation hub linking western Russia and Siberia. Yekaterinburg, additionally spelled Ekaterinburg, is a cultural and academic middle of the Ural Mountains.

Yekaterinburg’s industries embrace metallic processing, machine development, and gem slicing. Factories within the space produce ball bearings, chemical compounds, prescription drugs, and rubber tires. Yekaterinburg is a serious cease on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and a middle for air journey.

The settlement grew up close to an ironworks and a fort that have been constructed within the early 1720’s. Peter the Nice named the settlement Yekaterinburg in honor of his spouse, Catherine. It turned the middle of the mining and machine constructing industries within the Urals. In 1917, Russian revolutionaries imprisoned Czar Nicholas II and his household in Yekaterinburg. The revolutionaries executed them there in 1918. The town’s industries grew throughout World Warfare II (1939-1945). As a part of the previous Soviet Union, the town’s identify was Sverdlovsk from 1924 to 1991.

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