Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle continues to be the primary residence outdoors based in london for British rulers. The castle stands in Windsor, 21 miles (34 kilometers) west based in london. William the Conqueror find the site and built a castle there about 1070. The first areas of the current structure, however, were built-in the 1200’s and 1300’s, when Henry III and Edward III ruled. Later rulers put into the castle.

Windsor Castle is situated in your home Park, which joins the truly amazing Park south of Windsor. A properly-known feature from the castle may be the round keep (tower), that was carried out 1528. The keep is all about 100 ft (30 meters) high. 14 other towers rise in the walls all around the castle.

The section west from the keep is known as the low Ward. It consists of St. George’s Chapel, begun in 1475 and completed about half a century later. The chapel is renowned for its beautiful roofs. Top Of The Ward is east from the central tower. It consists of the condition flats, built throughout the first 1800’s.

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