Tula was an historic Native American metropolis. Tula was constructed by individuals referred to as the Toltecs in what’s now Mexico. The Toltecs lived in Tula from the A.D. 900’s to about 1200. The town’s ruins lie close to the city of Tula de Allende, about forty five miles (70 kilometers) north of Mexico Metropolis. Nobody is aware of what the Toltecs themselves referred to as the town.

 Many scientists consider Tula was the capital of the Toltec empire. Some scientists assume Tula was truly Tollan. Tollan was a Toltec capital described in legends by one other group of Native People referred to as the Aztecs.

Tula’s financial system was based mostly on manufacturing and buying and selling quite a lot of items. The town’s specialty was instruments comprised ofobsidian. Obsidian is a black glass that comes from volcanoes. Tula’s individuals additionally used irrigation to develop such crops as corn and beans.

Most of Tula’s homes have been one-story buildings with adobe partitions and flat roofs. The town additionally had ball courts and pyramids with temples on prime.

Tula began as a small village. It grew till 50,000 individuals lived there. Round 1200, the Toltecs deserted the town.

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