somalia flagSomalia <<soh MAH lee uh>> is the easternmost nation on the mainland of Africa. Its shoreline varieties the outer fringe of the “horn” of Africa. The coast lies alongside the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Somalia borders the nations of Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Mogadishu is the capital and largest metropolis.

Dry, grassy plains cowl most of Somalia. A mountain ridge rises within the north. The climate is scorching and dry the yr round. There are sometimes droughts, or occasions when no rain falls. A lot of the land is sweet just for feeding animals, however some crops are grown close to the rivers within the south.

Most Somalis belong to one of many 4 clans, or household teams, often known as the Samaal. The Samaal are principally nomads—individuals who transfer from place to put, feeding their herds of animals. The members of two different clans, referred to as the Sab, reside alongside the rivers in southern Somalia and farm for a dwelling. Virtually all of Somalia’s clans share the identical language, tradition, and faith, however there was a lot preventing between the teams.

Somalia has only a few pure assets and little business. Its financial system is predicated on the herding of camels, cattle, goats, and sheep. Bananas are grown on giant farms referred to as plantations alongside the rivers within the south.

somalia mapThe land that’s now northern Somalia was well-known in historic occasions as a result of it lay alongside a serious commerce route. This route related the Mediterranean Sea and the Pink Sea to the japanese lands of India and China.

Within the 1800’s, the UK and Italy managed the world that’s now Somalia. In 1960, these nations gave their Somali territories independence. Within the early 1990’s, drought and civil conflict resulted in widespread hunger, and the federal government collapsed. Preventing continued within the 2000’s. With no functioning authorities, Somalia turned a haven for pirates and terrorists.

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