San Marino is a Small Country in Europe

San Marino flagSan Marino <<muh REE noh>> is a small country in Europe. It is one of the smallest countries in the world. San Marino is surrounded by northern Italy. It lies in the Apennine Mountains near the Adriatic Sea. Most of the country stands on Mount Titano. Its capital and largest city is also called San Marino.

Mount Titano has three peaks. On top of each peak is a tower built long ago in a time known as the Middle Ages. The towers are shown on San Marino’s flag. The capital, San Marino, is surrounded by a high stone wall near the top of the mountain.

The people of San Marino are closely related to the people of northern Italy. Their way of life is much like that of the Italians.

San Marino makes most of its money from tourists, or visitors. Many of its people work in businesses that serve tourists.People come to San Marino to enjoy the country’s great mountain views and colorful festivals. San Marino also makes money from selling its beautiful postage stamps.

San Marino mapSome of San Marino’s people work in stone quarries, and others make leather or cheese. The farmers raise cattle and sheep and grow such crops as grapes and wheat.

San Marino has been in control of its own government since the 300′s and has been a republic since the 1300′s.

It is the world’s oldest republic.

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