Sahara Desert

The Sahara <<suh HAIR uh>> is the world’s largest desert. It covers about three 1/2 million sq. miles (9 million sq. kilometers) of Africa, as a lot land as the USA. The Sahara is in northern Africa. Most of it’s made up of mountains, naked, rocky plains, and excessive, flatlands referred to as plateaus <<plah TOHS>>. The remaining is a large sea of sand. In some locations, sand piles up in hills referred to as dunes. The desert is scorching and dry, however it turns cool at night time. It will get lower than four inches (10 centimeters) of rain annually.

About 2 million individuals stay within the Sahara. Many individuals are nomads <<NOH madz>>. Nomads are individuals who journey from place to put to seek out meals and water for his or her herds of sheep, goats, camels, or cattle. Some individuals reside in oases <<oh AY seez>>, locations the place water comes from wells or springs. They develop crops there.

 A couple of crops can reside within the desert. Some sorts stay just a few weeks, however their seeds lie within the floor till it rains once more. Different crops have deep roots or absorb moisture by way of their leaves.White gazelles, antelope referred to as addax, and small foxes referred to as fennecs stay within the dunes. So do snakes, lizards, and gerbils. Barbary sheep reside on the plateaus.

Over 10,000 years in the past, the Sahara had lakes and streams. Then, about 6,000 years in the past, the area started to show right into a desert. Since that point, the Sahara has been slowly rising bigger.

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