Prince Edward Island Features

Prince Edward IslandPrince Edward Island is likely one of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. It’s the solely Canadian province that isn’t related to the North American mainland. Prince Edward Island lies within the Gulf of St. Lawrence north of Nova Scotia. It’s the smallest Canadian province. Charlottetown, on the southern coast, is the capital.


The land of Prince Edward Island is a plain with some meadows and forests. Low cliffs line the japanese and southern coasts.

The shoreline has lengthy stretches of sandy seashores. A few of these seashores have pink sand, and others have white sand. In some areas, the shoreline is damaged up by deep bays and inlets—slender arms of the ocean that minimize into the land. A number of small islands lie close to the shores. Lennox Island is the most important.

Assets and merchandise

Virtually half of Prince Edward Island is farmland. Farmers develop potatoes, barley, tobacco, and greens. They plant hay to feed the milk cows. They increase beef cattle and hogs, too.

Fishing is an enormous business on the island. Lobsters are by far probably the most useful catch. Fishing fleets additionally catch crabs, herring, mackerel, oysters, and tuna. A seaweed referred to as Irish moss is gathered off the coast. It’s used to thicken make-up and meals merchandise.

There’s little or no manufacturing right here as a result of the island has no invaluable minerals or low cost supply of energy. Factories put together farm and fish merchandise to be bought.

Tourism, or taking good care of guests, is a vital business in Prince Edward Island. Many individuals go to the province for crusing, browsing, and fishing.


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