Philippines-flagThe Philippines <<FIHL uh peenz>> is an island nation within the southwest Pacific Ocean. It’s made up of greater than 7,000 islands. Manila, the capital, can also be the nation’s largest metropolis and busiest port.


The Philippine islands prolong 1,152 miles (1,854 kilometers) from north to south and 688 miles (1,107 kilometers) from east to west. Thick forests as soon as coated a lot of the Philippines, however a lot of the timber have been reduce down for his or her lumber, or wooden. The islands have many lively volcanoes and lots of fantastic bays and harbors.

The Philippines has a scorching, humid local weather. In the course of the hottest months, from March to Might, temperatures could also be one hundred °F (38 °C). The climate cools off through the wet season, from June to February. Rainfall averages one hundred inches (250 centimeters) a yr. Some areas obtain one hundred eighty inches (457 centimeters) of rain a yr.


Philippines-landThe individuals of the Philippines are referred to as Filipinos. Their ancestors got here from Indonesia and Malaysia. Teams of those individuals shaped small communities all through the islands. Every group developed its personal tradition. Consequently, the Philippines has all kinds of languages and customs. Different smaller teams within the Philippines embrace Chinese language, American, European, Indian, and Japanese individuals.

The Spaniards who settled within the Philippines within the 1500’s transformed a lot of the Filipinos to Christianity, however some tribes stored their very own religions. At present, the Philippines has extra Christians than another Asian nation.

Virtually half of the Philippine staff earn their dwelling by farming. Most farmland belongs to rich individuals who rent staff that reside and work on their estates. Many Filipinos have jobs within the fishing, logging, and mining industries. Within the cities, many individuals work in factories.

Most homes within the rural areas stand shut collectively in small teams. They’ve picket partitions, and the roofs are product of iron, straw, leaves, or grass. Rich households within the cities stay in giant homes surrounded by partitions. The federal government has constructed many housing tasks within the cities. Many poor metropolis individuals stay in shacks in giant, crowded slums.

Assets and merchandise

About one-third of Philippine’s staff farm. Farmers develop bananas, coconuts, rice, and sugar cane. Manufacturing is a vital cash-making exercise. Factories produce chemical compounds, clothes, electronics, and meals. Mining copper, gold, and different minerals is necessary within the Philippines.

Historical past

Philippines-mapSpanish explorers settled within the Philippines within the 1500’s. In 1898, america took over after defeating Spain in a warfare. America dominated the islands till 1935. Then the nation ran its personal authorities, however america stored some energy over it. From 1942 to 1944, throughout World Struggle II (1939-1945), Japanese forces took over. The USA regained management of the Philippines in 1945. The Philippines gained their independence on July four, 1946.

Ferdinand Marcos turned president of the Philippines in 1965. Underneath his rule, the individuals weren’t given a task in deciding how their nation ought to be run. The nation misplaced enterprise and cash. Authorities officers additionally stated Marcos stole cash that ought to have been used to enhance the individuals’s lives. In 1986, he was pressured from energy.Since then, the Philippines has been led by presidents elected by the individuals.

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