Pacific Rim

Pacific RimPacific Rim is a term widely used to describe countries that border the Pacific Ocean. It also describes countries of powerful economic and political influence that do not directly border the Pacific but have a major effect on the affairs of the region.

The countries of the Pacific Rim include Brunei, China, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Russia is geographically a Pacific Rim country. However, its traditional political and economic links have been with Europe. Other countries that border the Pacific are Australia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Canada, the United States, and several of the nations of Central and South America.

Journalists in the United States first used the term Pacific Rim during the late 1980′s to symbolize informally the common political and economic interests of the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. Economic and political alliances have been formed among the countries of the Pacific Rim.

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