Mongolia flagMongolia <<mahng GOH lee uh>> is a rustic in east-central Asia. It lies between China and Russia. Mongolia’s capital and largest metropolis is Ulaanbaatar.

A lot of Mongolia is roofed with mountains and excessive, flat land areas referred to as plateaus. The Gobi Desert stretches throughout the southeastern a part of the nation.

Almost all Mongolia’s individuals are Asians referred to as Mongols. The nation’s official language is Mongolian. The primary faith is Lamaism, a type of Buddhism.

About half of Mongolia’s individuals reside within the cities, and about half of them stay and work on livestock farms. These farms are like large ranches with small cities within the middle. The central buildings embrace homes, enterprise workplaces, outlets, and docs workplaces for the individuals and animals.

Sheep are crucial animals raised on the livestock farms. Different animals embrace camels, cattle, goats, and horses. The federal government runs some farms for elevating crops. Manufacturing, mining, and development are additionally necessary to Mongolia’s financial system.

Mongolia mapWithin the 1200’s, robust Mongol leaders constructed up the most important land empire in historical past. This empire dominated most of Asia and a part of japanese Europe. China managed Mongolia from the mid-1600’s to 1911. A Buddhist priest referred to as the Dwelling Buddha dominated Mongolia from 1911 till he died in 1924. From 1924 to the 1990’s, a strong Communist authorities managed Mongolia. This authorities owned a lot of the nation’s companies and farms, and solely Communists might serve within the authorities. In 1990, non-Communists have been elected to Mongolia’s authorities for the primary time.

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