Monaco flagMonaco <<MAHN uh koh>> is a small nation in Europe. It is a principality, a country ruled by a prince. Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world. Its capital city is also called Monaco.

Monaco lies at the base of a mountain along the French Riviera, which borders the Mediterranean Sea. France surrounds the rest of the country. The towns of Monaco and Monte Carlo sit on cliffs above the sea. La Condamine, a port area, lies between those two towns.

The people of Monaco are called Monégasques. More than half the people who live there are French, and many others are American, Belgian, British, or Italian. Rich people from other countries like to live in Monaco because Monaco has no income tax.

Most people in Monaco speak French, the official language. Monaco’s national religion is Roman Catholicism.

Important products made in Monaco include chemicals, cosmetics, electronic goods, medicines, and processed foods. Monaco has many tourists. Visitors come to enjoy its fancy hotels, flower gardens, and the famous Monte Carlo gambling casino. Each year, the Monaco Grand Prix car race draws thousands of people.

Monaco mapPeople have lived in the Monaco region for thousands of years. In 1297, the Grimaldi family of Genoa, in what is now Italy, got control of the region. Since that time, most of Monaco’s rulers have come from this family.

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