Mexico flagMexico is a Latin American nation simply south of the USA. It lies north of Belize and Guatemala. The Pacific Ocean is on the west, and the Gulf of Mexico is on the east. The Rio Grande river varieties a lot of the boundary, or dividing line, between Mexico and the USA. Mexico Metropolis is the capital and largest metropolis of Mexico.


Most of northern Mexico is dry. A plain lies alongside the western coast of northern and central Mexico. The plain has many river valleys with good farmland. Farther inland, a variety of mountains referred to as the Sierra Madre Occidental runs alongside the plain.

On the northeastern coast, alongside the Gulf of Mexico, is one other coastal plain. Within the north, the plain is roofed with forests of low bushes and timber. Within the south, the plain has wealthy farmland. Inland alongside this plain runs a mountain vary referred to as the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain ranges lies a large, flatter highland referred to as the Plateau <<pla TOH>> of Mexico. The plateau covers most of Mexico. Most of Mexico’s individuals reside within the southern a part of the plateau. The most important cities are additionally there.

South of the Plateau of Mexico are extra mountains, together with the Sierra Madre del Sur alongside Mexico’s southwestern coast. A few of the mountains are volcanoes.

In southeastern Mexico is the Yucatán Peninsula. A peninsula is an space of land virtually surrounded by water. The Yucatán Peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the Gulf of Mexico. The peninsula is a low limestone plain with no rivers. Nevertheless, many underground channels, or slender waterways, have shaped there. In some locations, the roofs of those channels fell in, and deep pits shaped. The traditional Maya Indians as soon as used the pits as holy wells.

Alongside the northwestern coast of Mexico is one other peninsula. It’s referred to as the Peninsula of Decrease California. This lengthy, slender peninsula is usually coated by desert.


Mexico peopleMost of Mexico’s individuals are mestizos, individuals of combined European and American Indian backgrounds. Their European ancestors have been principally Spanish individuals who got here to what’s now Mexico starting within the 1500’s. Their Indian ancestors already lived within the space when the Spaniards arrived. Some individuals whose ancestors got here from Africa or Asia additionally reside in Mexico.

Mexicans who converse an Indian language, put on Indian garments, and stay in an Indian village are regarded as Indians. That is true even when they’re truly mestizo or white.

The lifestyle in Mexico has come from a mix of American Indian and Spanish traditions. Nevertheless, in the course of the 1900’s, life in its bigger cities has develop into very similar to life in america.

The variety of individuals dwelling in Mexico has grown very quick. In consequence, many cities would not have sufficient homes or sufficient clear consuming water for all their individuals. As well as, there usually are not sufficient jobs.

Assets and merchandise

Mexico makes cash from its factories, farms, and mines and from individuals from different nations who go to Mexico. Merchandise made in Mexico embrace automobiles, cement, chemical compounds, clothes, meals, and metal. Solely a small a part of Mexico’s land is sweet for farming. Nevertheless, Mexican farmers develop many crops. The primary crops embrace beans, chili peppers, corn, oranges, sugar cane, tomatoes, and wheat. Extra land is used to develop corn than for another crop.

Mexico is the world’s main producer of silver. The nation additionally mines giant quantities of copper, gold, iron ore, lead, salt, and sulfur. The manufacturing of oil, an power supply, can also be necessary.

Historical past

Mexico mapLots of of years in the past, the Indians of Mexico constructed giant, lovely cities. They invented a calendar and a counting system and used a type of writing. Some Indian teams constructed big pyramids and stone temples for worship. The final Indian empire in Mexico—the Aztec—was taken over by Spanish warriors in 1521. For the subsequent 300 years, Spain dominated Mexico. The Spaniards took many riches from Mexico. The Indians have been poor, and lots of have been pressured to work for the Spaniards. However the Spaniards additionally made many good modifications in farming, authorities, and enterprise.

Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821. Within the 1840’s, a conflict between the USA and Mexico ended with Mexico dropping land to the USA. This land included current-day California, Nevada, and Utah. Starting within the early 1900’s, the Mexican authorities took over many giant farms and divided them amongst poor farmers. The federal government constructed many faculties, hospitals, and houses. Because the mid-1900’s, many extra factories have been constructed, and cities have grown in a short time. However many individuals are nonetheless poor. Yearly, many Mexicans transfer to america and different nations.

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