Macedonia flagMacedonia <<MAS uh DOH nee uh>> is a rustic in southeastern Europe. It’s bordered by Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Skopje <<SKOP yeh>> is Macedonia’s capital and largest metropolis.

Macedonia is a rugged land with many mountains and hills. Thick forests of beech, oak, and pine develop in lots of areas. The Vardar is Macedonia’s longest river.

Macedonian Slavs make up about two-thirds of the nation’s individuals. Different teams embrace Albanians, Turks, Roma (typically referred to as Gypsies), and Serbs. Over half of all Macedonians reside in cities. Many stay in trendy, excessive-rise buildings. Individuals in rural areas stay in stone, brick, or concrete block homes.

Macedonians take pleasure in such meals as chilly cucumber soup, stuffed grape leaves, and dishes with pork and veal. Music and people dancing are well-liked, and soccer is a favourite sport.

Many Macedonians work in factories. Many factories manufacture automobiles, meals merchandise, and metal. Some individuals work on farms. The primary crops are apples, grapes, peppers, tobacco, tomatoes, and wheat. Some farmers additionally increase cattle, chickens, hogs, and sheep. The nation mines coal, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc.

Macedonia mapTill the early 1900’s, the historical past of what’s now the nation of Macedonia was tied to a bigger space, additionally referred to as Macedonia.That space included the nation of Macedonia and elements of what at the moment are Greece and Bulgaria. Individuals have lived there for greater than eight,000 years. Alexander the Nice was a well-known ruler of Macedonia in historic occasions. Alexander’s empire prolonged from Greece to India and helped unfold Greek tradition to different elements of the world.

Macedonia turned a part of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes in 1918. This kingdom was renamed Yugoslavia in 1929. In 1991, Macedonia declared itself an unbiased nation. Croatia and Slovenia additionally turned unbiased from Yugoslavia that yr.

After Macedonia declared its independence, Greek protests halted recognition of Macedonia by most nations. Greece feared that Macedonia would attempt to reclaim lands that had turn into a part of Greece in 1913. Greece additionally claimed that Macedonia was a Greek identify and that the nation of Macedonia had no proper to make use of it. In 1993, the 2 nations agreed to a compromise.Beneath the settlement, Macedonia was admitted to the United Nations because the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Nevertheless, Greece nonetheless objected to using a logo related to Alexander the Nice in Macedonia’s new flag. In 1995, Macedonia agreed to vary its flag and to make no claims to territory outdoors its borders.

In early 2001, Albanians in Macedonia started to struggle the federal government for equal energy with the Slavs. The federal government and the rebels signed a peace settlement in August. A brand new structure was authorised later that yr to offer Albanians extra rights.

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