Lesotho-flagLesotho <<lay SOO too>> is a mountainous nation in Africa. It’s surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. Lesotho is about 200 miles (320 kilometers) from the Indian Ocean. Maseru <<MAZ uh ROO>> is the capital and largest metropolis.

Most of Lesotho’s individuals are African individuals referred to as Basotho or Basuto. They stay in villages and lift crops on close by land. The individuals personal all of the land collectively, and the chiefs determine the place every household will farm. The Basotho additionally increase animals.

Lesotho is a fantastic nation, however it’s poor. An excessive amount of farming has worn out the soil. There usually are not sufficient jobs for everybody, so many males go to South Africa to work. Factories in Lesotho make clothes, processed meals, and textiles. The nation additionally mines diamonds.

Within the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, wars between African peoples broke out. Some teams escaped into the world that’s now Lesotho-mapLesotho, the place they have been protected by a robust chief named Moshoeshoe. Each the British and Dutch settlers fought Moshoeshoe’s individuals. Lastly, Moshoeshoe requested Britain for assist. The world got here beneath Britain’s management. It was referred to as Basutoland. Basutoland turned the unbiased kingdom of Lesotho in 1966.

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