Lebanon flagLebanon <<LEHB uh nuhn>> is a small nation in western Asia. It lies on the japanese finish of the Mediterranean Sea.Israel lies to the south, and Syria lies to the north and east. Beirut, the capital and largest metropolis of Lebanon, is on the coast. About half of Lebanon’s individuals reside within the Beirut space.


Sandy seashores stretch alongside the Mediterranean coast. East of the coast, farmers increase fruit on a slender plain. Most of Lebanon’s cities are on this space.

Rugged mountains rise east of the plain. They prolong down a lot of the size of the nation. Farmers increase fruit within the mountains. Mountains additionally run alongside the nation’s japanese border.

A valley lies between the 2 mountain ranges. Many greens are grown there. The ruins of a number of historic cities are also on this valley.


Lebanon cityMost of Lebanon’s individuals are Arabs. A big quantity are Palestinian Arabs, who as soon as lived on land that’s now a part of Israel. Lots of them got here to Lebanon in the course of the wars between Arabs and Israelis. Different teams in Lebanon embrace Kurds, individuals of a mountainous area of southwest Asia, and Armenians. Virtually all Lebanese converse Arabic, the nationwide language.

Greater than half of the individuals of Lebanon are Muslims. They comply with the faith of Islam. Virtually all the remaining are Christians.

Assets and merchandise

A warfare between Christians and Muslims within the 1970’s and extra preventing within the 1980’s harm Lebanon’s industries and closed many companies. Many individuals had no work.

Right now, many individuals work in service industries. They work in banks, shops, hospitals, and inns. Many individuals additionally work in factories and on farms.

Historical past

Lebanon mapIndividuals have lived in what’s now Lebanon for hundreds of years. About four,000 years in the past, the Phoenicians <<fih NEE shuhnz>> lived in cities alongside the coast. They have been sailors, merchants, and explorers. The Roman Empire gained management of the world a bit over 2,000 years in the past. Ruins of Roman temples and a Roman city nonetheless stand in Lebanon.

Christianity got here to Lebanon about 1,seven hundred years in the past. Many Lebanese turned Christians. Within the early 600’s, Muslims got here to Lebanon. Many individuals alongside the coast turned Muslims. However most individuals within the mountains remained Christians.

The Ottomans took over Lebanon in 1516. They dominated till World Warfare I (1914-1918), when Britain and France took management of the nation.

France helped arrange Lebanon’s authorities. The nation turned unbiased in 1943. Christian and Muslim leaders agreed to share energy within the authorities.

Within the mid-1970’s, fights between Christians and Muslims led to civil struggle. The struggle led to 1976. However preventing between Christians, Muslims, and different teams in Lebanon continued. The preventing brought about many deaths and destroyed a lot of Lebanon. A peace plan ended a lot of the preventing in 1991.

In July 2006, Israel started bombing Lebanon after an anti-Israeli group based mostly there, referred to as Hezbollah <<HEHZ buh LAH>>, captured two Israeli troopers. Hezbollah fired missiles into northern Israel. In August, a peace settlement ended a lot of the preventing. Over 1,000 individuals died within the battle, most of them Lebanese.

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