Kyrgyzstan flagKyrgyzstan <<kihr GEEZ stan>> is a rustic in central Asia. It lies within the excessive Tian Shan and Alay mountains. Peak Pobedy, the very best mountain, rises 24,406 ft (7,439 meters), near the border with China. Bishkek is the capital metropolis and primary industrial middle.

A lot of the nation’s individuals reside within the decrease plains and mountain valleys. Summers are heat and dry there, and winters are much less chilly than within the mountains. Within the north is a big lake referred to as Issyk-Kul.

About two-thirds of the individuals of Kyrgyzstan are Kyrgyz. The others are Russians, Uzbeks, Dungan (ethnic Chinese language Muslims), and Ukrainians. The Kyrgyz and Uzbeks are Muslims. A lot of the different individuals are Christians.

The Kyrgyz are farmers and herders. Some stay in villages, and others are nomads who wander from place to put for no less than a part of the yr. The nomads carry their tentlike houses, referred to as yurts, with them.They herd sheep, cattle, and goats.

Kyrgyzstan mapKyrgyzstan’s factories make meals merchandise, equipment, and material. Its mining merchandise embrace coal, lead, and oil. There’s one railroad, however most individuals journey by bus.

Starting within the 1200’s, Kyrgyzstan was dominated for lots of of years by central Asian peoples referred to as the Mongols. In the course of the 1800’s, the area turned a part of the Russian Empire. Kyrgyzstan was a part of the Soviet Union from 1924 till 1991.In 1991, Kyrgyzstan turned an unbiased nation.

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