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korea south flagKorea is a land in japanese Asia that’s cut up into two nations—North Korea and South Korea. South Korea’s full identify is the Republic of Korea. It’s barely smaller than North Korea, however it has extra individuals.


South Korea lies on the southern finish of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea covers the northern a part of the peninsula. To the east is the Sea of Japan, and to the west is the Yellow Sea. To the south, the Korea Strait separates South Korea from Japan. South Korea consists of many islands. The most important is Cheju Island, within the south. Halla Mountain, South Korea’s highest mountain, rises 6,398 ft (1,950 meters) on this island.

Most South Koreans reside alongside the western and southern coasts. These are good farming areas of flat plains and rolling hills. Within the middle of South Korea are mountains and forests. The capital and largest metropolis is Seoul. Subsequent largest is the economic metropolis of Pusan.


korea south cityThe individuals of South Korea are virtually all Koreans. Some nonetheless stay in small villages. A rustic home is often made from brick or concrete blocks, with heating underneath the ground. Increasingly individuals have moved from the countryside to the cities. Many metropolis individuals reside in excessive-rise flats. Others reside in suburbs, or cities surrounding the town.

Rice is the primary meals of most Koreans. Individuals additionally eat such meals as barley, fish, greens, and fruits. Tea is a standard drink, however many individuals additionally drink espresso.

Confucianism, an historic Chinese language lifestyle and considering, has many followers in South Korea. It stresses the duties that folks have towards each other. About one-fourth of the individuals are Buddhists, and one-fourth are Christians.

Assets and merchandise

South Korea’s most essential mineral is anthracite <<AN thruh syt>>, a type of exhausting coal. The nation will get most of its electrical energy from energy stations that burn coal, fuel, and oil. It additionally has some energy stations run by nuclear or water energy. The nation has a great railroad and street system.

Most farms are small. Many farmers make extra cash from fishing. South Korea is a number one fishing nation.

South Korea is one among Asia’s quickest-rising industrial nations. Virtually all companies are privately owned. Factories produce many sorts of products which are bought everywhere in the world. South Korean companies additionally run factories in different nations.

Historical past

korea south mapIndividuals lived in Korea a minimum of 30,000 years in the past. By about four,000 years in the past, there was a Korean state referred to as Choson.Different kingdoms rose and fell, typically coming underneath Chinese language rule.

Within the 600’s, the southern kingdom of Silla got here to regulate all Korea. It broke aside within the 800’s, however within the early 900’s, a pacesetter named Wang Kon joined the area collectively once more. He gave Silla a brand new identify—Koryo. The phrase Korea comes fromKoryo.

In 1392, Common Yi turned king of Koryo. He renamed the nation Choson, a reputation nonetheless utilized by North Koreans. South Koreans name their nation Taehan. The dynasty, or line of rulers, based by Yi lasted till 1910. Then Japan took management of Korea.

Japanese rule lasted till Japan’s defeat on the finish of World Struggle II (1939-1945). United States troopers moved into southern Korea. Soviet Union forces took over the north. In 1948, Korea was divided into North Korea and South Korea.

In 1950, North Korea despatched its troopers to assault South Korea, beginning the Korean Warfare. America and different United Nations forces helped South Korea. China and the Soviet Union helped North Korea. The Korean Warfare led to 1953.

South Korea developed trendy industries. It grew richer than North Korea, however its individuals had restricted freedom. Presidents held large powers, particularly Park Chung Hee (from 1961 to 1979) and Chun Doo Hwan (from 1980 to 1987).

After Chun, extra democracy was allowed. In 1988, the Summer time Olympic Video games have been held in South Korea. Within the 1990’s, South Koreans loved extra say in authorities. However their nation struggled to remain profitable as a buying and selling nation. Hopes of creating the 2 Koreas one nation once more remained, regardless of sluggish progress.

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