Korea, North

Korea North flagKorea is a land in japanese Asia that’s cut up into two nations—North Korea and South Korea. North Korea’s full identify is the Democratic Individuals’s Republic of Korea. It has a Communist authorities. In Communist nations, the federal government owns all or a lot of the land, factories, and banks. It makes all the principles. Communists consider that everybody is equal beneath this type of authorities.


North Korea lies on the northern finish of the Korean Peninsula, an extended slender piece of land that juts into the ocean from mainland China. It has seas on two sides—the Sea of Japan to the east, and the Yellow Sea to the west. To the north the nation has an extended land border with China and a brief one with Russia. To the south is the Republic of Korea, often referred to as South Korea. The land border between the 2 nations is guarded by troops from each side.

Within the japanese a part of North Korea, slender plains are separated by low hills. The middle of the nation is a area of mountains and forests. The very best mountain is Paektu Mountain, 9,003 ft (2,744 meters) excessive. North Korea’s longest river, the Yalu, flows westward from this mountain into the Yellow Sea. Most of North Korea’s farms and industries are discovered on the plains and rolling hills of the western area. The capital metropolis, Pyongyang, can also be situated there.


Korea North peopleThe individuals of North Korea are virtually all Koreans. The ancestors of right now’s Koreans might have come from China about 5,000 years in the past. About half the phrases within the Korean language come from Chinese language. The alphabet utilized by North Koreans has 24 letters. South Koreans use the identical alphabet, however additionally they use some Chinese language symbols of their writing.

Most metropolis dwellers in North Korea work in factories. Households often reside in small flats. Few individuals reside in homes or personal automobiles. Many farmers stay on collective farms. These farmers share the work and the crops. There are additionally some state farms, run by the federal government.

Most Koreans eat rice for his or her principal meal. They could add fish or greens akin to beans, however they don’t eat meat typically. A well-liked dish is kimchi, a spicy combination of Chinese language cabbage, white radishes, and different greens.

The federal government in North Korea discourages faith. It additionally forbids any writing or artwork that doesn’t agree with Communist concepts.Schoolchildren should work for the state throughout a part of their summer time trip.

Assets and merchandise

North Korea mines coal to energy the stations that produce a lot of its electrical energy. The remainder of its power comes from water energy.

Rice is the chief farm crop. Different main crops embrace barley, corn, potatoes, and wheat. Fishing is necessary, too.

North Korean factories produce cement, chemical compounds, material, iron and metal, equipment, metals, and processed meals. A lot of the nation’s commerce is with China, Japan, and Russia. The federal government controls almost all of the factories. It additionally runs the nation’s transportation methods, faculties, schools, hospitals, and welfare organizations.

Historical past

Korea North mapKorea was divided into North Korea and South Korea in 1948. [The early history of North Korea and South Korea and the reasons for their division are described in the History section of the article Korea, South.] Kim Il-sung turned chief of Communist North Korea in 1948.

The Communists took over farms and factories, radio, tv, and newspapers. They developed industries and constructed up giant army forces. In 1950, North Korean troops invaded South Korea. This was the beginning of the Korean Struggle, which led to 1953.

The warfare was adopted by a few years of suspicion, spying, and outbreaks of preventing between North Korea and South Korea. Plans to make Korea one nation once more made little progress. In 1991, North and South Korea agreed to not use army pressure towards each other.

Kim Il-sung dominated North Korea as a dictator from 1948 till he died in 1994. He was appeared as much as as a pacesetter who might do no fallacious. After Kim died, his son Kim Jong-il turned the nationwide chief. Kim Jong-il dominated till his dying in 2011.Kim’s youngest son, Kim Jong-un, was introduced as his successor.

North Korea has little or no contact with different nations. Its individuals have stayed poor beneath Communist rule.

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