Japan flagJapan is an island nation within the North Pacific Ocean. It lies off the east coast of Asia, throughout from Russia, Korea, and China. 4 giant islands and hundreds of smaller ones make up Japan. Tokyo is Japan’s capital and largest metropolis.


Japan is a land of nice magnificence. Mountains and hills cowl a lot of the nation. The Japanese islands are made up of the rugged higher a part of a terrific mountain vary that rises from the ground of the North Pacific Ocean.

Japan suffers from many earthquakes. The Japanese islands have about 1,500 earthquakes a yr. Most of them are small, however extreme earthquakes strike Japan each few years. Undersea quakes typically trigger big waves, referred to as tsunami <<tsoo NAH mee>>, alongside the coast of the Pacific Ocean. These waves may cause nice injury. The Japanese islands even have greater than 60 volcanoes that would erupt at any time.

The 4 principal islands, from largest to smallest, are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku. Hundreds of smaller islands lie close to these islands. Japan’s land additionally consists of the Ryukyu and Bonin island chains.

Honshu is Japan’s largest island. A lot of the Japanese individuals reside on this island. Japan’s tallest and most well-known peak, Mount Fuji, or Fujiyama, rises on Honshu. It’s a volcano, however it’s not lively, which suggests it doesn’t erupt.

Hokkaido is Japan’s second largest island. Most of the individuals of Hokkaido work in dairy farming, fishing, and forestry.Many individuals go to the island for enjoyable and rest.

Kyushu is the southernmost of Japan’s essential islands. After Honshu, Kyushu has the most individuals. Elements of Kyushu have many volcanoes.

Shikoku is the smallest of the primary Japanese islands. Most people of this island stay within the north. Farmers develop rice and totally different sorts of fruits alongside the Inland Sea there.

The Ryukyu and Bonin islands belonged to Japan till after World Warfare II (1939-1945), when america took management of them. America has since returned the islands to Japan.


Japan cityJapan has one of many largest populations on the planet. The Japanese individuals come from teams of people that got here to the islands from different elements of Asia. Nobody is aware of for positive when individuals first arrived in Japan, however it was greater than 30,000 years in the past. Some historians assume that a group of individuals in Japan referred to as the Ainu might come from the unique settlers of the Japanese islands. At present most Ainu reside on Hokkaido. Some Chinese language and Koreans additionally stay in Japan.

Assets and merchandise

Japan is likely one of the world’s richest nations, regardless that it has few pure assets. Japan earns most of its cash from the various issues it makes and sells. The Japanese make things like automobiles, computer systems, metal, TV units, and tires.Japan’s factories have a number of the greatest gear on the planet. Japan buys most of the supplies wanted to make these merchandise from different nations. Then it sells these merchandise—for instance, automobiles—to different nations.

Constructing can also be an enormous enterprise in Japan. This enterprise grew shortly after World Conflict II, when a lot rebuilding was wanted. Lots of Japan’s cities have been destroyed through the conflict. As we speak, Japanese corporations construct lodges and workplace buildings all through the world.

All through most of Japan’s historical past, farming was its most important enterprise. As late as 1950, virtually half of Japan’s staff labored on farms. However as Japan’s different corporations grew, farming turned much less essential. Japan is among the most necessary fishing nations on the planet at the moment.

Historical past

Japan mapThe early individuals of Japan borrowed many Chinese language concepts about easy methods to arrange society and authorities. Greater than 1,000 years in the past, warriors referred to as samuri <<SAM uh ry>> turned essential in Japan. The top of the federal government was the emperor. However from the 1100’s to the mid-1800’s, actual energy was within the palms of a army chief referred to as the shogun<<SHO guhn>>.

In the course of the mid-1500’s, the primary Europeans arrived in Japan. Commerce started with a number of European nations. Through the early 1600’s, nevertheless, the rulers of Japan determined to chop the nation off virtually completely from the remainder of the world. This lasted till 1853, when Commodore Matthew C. Perry of the USA sailed his warships into Tokyo Bay. A number of years later, Japan agreed to commerce with the USA.

Through the 1870’s, the Japanese authorities started to work towards making the nation extra trendy. By the early 1900’s, Japan had develop into an excellent enterprise chief and army energy.

Through the 1930’s, Japan’s army leaders gained management of the federal government. On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This introduced the USA into World Struggle II (1939-1945). In August 1945, the USA dropped the primary atomic bomb ever utilized in a warfare on the Japanese metropolis of Hiroshima. It dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki two days later. On September 2, 1945, Japan gave up, and World Conflict II ended.

After World Warfare II, different nations managed Japan. The Japanese individuals labored onerous to reconstruct the cities and companies that had been destroyed within the conflict. By the 1970’s, Japan had turn into a affluent and profitable nation.

Japan’s robust restoration led to financial troubles within the 1980’s and 1990’s. Producers suffered as their merchandise turned too costly to compete with these of creating nations. Banks misplaced cash on loans as actual property values fell. Japan’s financial issues continued within the early 2000’s.

In March 2011, a strong earthquake struck off the coast of Honshu. It was adopted by a tsunami (collection of highly effective ocean waves). Hundreds of individuals died within the catastrophe. Water from the tsunami broken a nuclear energy plant, inflicting harmful quantities of radioactivity to be launched over the encompassing space.

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