Hunan Province

Hunan ProvinceHunan <<hoo nahn>> Province is a province in south-central China. The province is famous for its natural beauty. Mountains surround Hunan on the east, west, and south. The Yangtze River forms part of the province’s northern border. The province has dozens of national forests, nature reserves, and scenic areas. Lake Dongting is one of the largest lakes in China. Changsha is Hunan’s capital city.

Citrus fruits, rice, and tea are some of Hunan’s main crops. Hunan is also a leading producer of pork. Some of China’s spiciest food comes from Hunan. The province’s cooks use large amounts of garlic and chili peppers.

People of the Han nationality moved into Hunan from the north in the A.D. 200’s and 300’s. From the 1200’s to the 1600’s, Hunan and neighboring Hubei formed a single province called Huguang. The Manchus, who conquered China in the 1600′s, officially established Hunan Province in 1664.

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