Grenada flagGrenada <<grih NAY duh>> is a small island nation within the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela. The nation consists of the island of Grenada and a number of other smaller islands.Grenada is a wonderful land of forests and seashores. St. George’s is the capital and largest metropolis. The individuals of Grenada are typically referred to as Grenadians <<grih NAY dee ehns>>.

Grenada has a heat local weather. There’s lots of rain within the mountains. A lot of the nation is roofed with mountains and forests.

The ancestors of most Grenadians got here from Africa or from each Africa and Europe. A number of Grenadians have ancestors from the East Indies. Most people converse English, however some converse a language that may be a combination of French and African languages.

Most people work on farms or in companies that commerce with vacationers. The nation sells merchandise similar to nutmeg and different spices to different nations.

The primary individuals to stay in Grenada have been Arawak Indians. Later, Carib Indians from South America took over the primary island. In 1498, Christopher Columbus turned the primary European to land there.

Management of Grenada shifted between France and Britain a number of occasions. Grenada turned a British colony in 1783. Planters introduced many Africans to Grenada to work as slaves.

Grenada mapWithin the 1960’s, the British gave Grenada management of its inner affairs. In 1974, Grenada turned an unbiased nation. In 1979 and 1983, rebels took over the federal government.America and 6 Caribbean nations despatched troops there to revive order. The U.S. troops left after a couple of months. In 1984, the elected authorities was restored.

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