Euphrates River

Euphrates RiverThe Euphrates <<yoo FRAY teez>> River is the longest river in southwestern Asia. It’s about 1,seven hundred miles (2,736 kilometers) lengthy. It varieties a part of the historic Tigris-Euphrates river system. The Euphrates rises in a mountainous space of japanese Turkey and flows southwest by way of the nation into Syria. In Syria, it turns southeast and steadily descends till it reaches low, flat land. After leaving Syria, the Euphrates cuts throughout Iraq. On the city of Al Qurnah, Iraq, it joins the Tigris, forming a river referred to as the Shatt al Arab, which flows into the Persian Gulf.

The world’s first civilization developed within the area across the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. This superior tradition arose in Sumer about 3500 B.C. Babylonia and different early civilizations additionally thrived on this area. The ruins of the well-known historic metropolis of Babylon lie alongside the Euphrates.

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