catalonia-mapCatalonia <<kat uh LOH nee uh>> is a mountainous area in northeastern Spain. It has an extended shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea. It has excessive plateaus away from the coast. Catalonia is understood for its delicate local weather and its distinct Catalan language. It additionally is understood for its wealthy tradition and historical past.

Catalonia is considered one of 17 self-governing areas of Spain. Its capital is Barcelona. Catalonia is also spelled Cataluña in Spanish or Catalunya in Catalan.

In historic occasions, Catalonia was a part of the Roman Empire. A Germanic individuals referred to as Visigoths dominated Catalonia after the Romans. Within the A.D. seven hundred’s, Muslim individuals from North Africa conquered most of Spain. Spanish Christians defeated the Muslims in 1492.

Within the 1800’s, Catalonia turned an industrial middle. It additionally turned a middle for a motion towards established authorities.

Over time, Catalonia grew wealthier and extra city. It attracted some properly-recognized artists. They included the painters Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí and the architect Antonio Gaudí.

Within the mid-1900’s, the Spanish ruler Francisco Franco took away Catalonia’s self-authorities. He additionally restricted use of the Catalan language. After Franco died, Catalonia regained self-authorities. It turned a dynamic and affluent area of Spain.

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