Cascade Range

Cascade RangeThe Cascade Range is a sequence of mountains that extends between Lassen Peak in northern California and the Fraser River in southern British Columbia, Canada. The vary is about seven hundred miles (1,one hundred kilometers) lengthy. The vary lies about one hundred to one hundred fifty miles (one hundred sixty to 240 kilometers) inland from the Pacific Coast.

Probably the most well-known mountains within the Cascades are volcanoes. Two of them erupted within the 1900’s. Mount St. Helens, in Washington, erupted incessantly between 1980 and 1986. Lassen Peak, in California, final erupted in 1917.

The Cascades started forming about 240 million years in the past. Rainfall is heavy within the Cascade Range. The vary has deep valleys which are coated with heavy fir and pine forests.

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