Cardiff <<KAHR dihf>> is the capital of Wales. Wales is a part of the United Kingdom. Cardiff lies on the southeast coast of Wales. The city borders the Bristol Channel. Three rivers—the Taff, the Ely, and the Rhymney—flow through Cardiff into the Bristol Channel.

A large area of parkland lies near the center of Cardiff. Many of the city’s major buildings surround Cathays Park. The buildings include City Hall, the Law Courts, the National Museum of Wales, and the University College. Cardiff Castle is also near Cathays Park. The castle was built in 1090. Cardiff also has many hotels, museums, and shops.

Factories in Cardiff produce automobile parts, chemicals, and electronics equipment. Modern railroads and highways connect Cardiff with the rest of the United Kingdom.

About A.D. 75, Roman soldiers built a fort on the site of what is now Cardiff. People from France called Normans settled the area in the late 1000′s. The Normans built Cardiff Castle on the site of the old Roman fort. A town grew up around the castle and served as a market and a port for farm products in Wales.

In the early 1800′s, Cardiff was still a small town. Then, Wales became a major center of coal mining and iron and steel production. Cardiff was the shipping center for these products, and the town grew rapidly. In 1955, Cardiff became the capital of Wales.

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