Bahrain-flagBahrain <<bah RAYN>> is an island nation within the Persian Gulf. It lies off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is made up of greater than 30 islands. The primary island can also be referred to as Bahrain. Manama is the capital and largest metropolis of Bahrain.

Most of Bahrain is desert land. The island of Bahrain makes up virtually the entire nation. Different islands embrace Al Muharraq, Sitrah, and Umm Nasan. Bridges join the primary islands. A raised street, referred to as a causeway, stretches throughout the water from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain has been a serious place of work for a whole lot of years. Nevertheless, the invention of oil in Bahrain in 1932 introduced the nation extra wealth than ever earlier than and regularly modified the lifestyle of its individuals. In the present day Bahrain’s revenue relies upon primarily on its oil business. Though Bahrain has solely a small quantity of oil, its oil refinery is large. A refinery processes oil referred to as crude oil into helpful merchandise like gasoline. Bahrain’s refinery is situated on the island of Sitrah.

Most of Bahrain’s individuals are Arabs. The nation additionally has giant teams of individuals from India, Iran, and Pakistan who come to Bahrain at present to get jobs.

Bahrain-mapBahrain was underneath the safety of the UK from 1861 to 1971. However it was dominated by an emir (an Arabian prince). Bahrain turned an unbiased nation in 1971. The individuals voted in 2001 to vary the federal government to a constitutional monarchy with an elected legislature.Elections have been held in 2002, and the emir turned a king. In 2011, protesters in search of democratic reform clashed with the king’s safety forces. The protests adopted comparable unrest elsewhere within the Center East.

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