Amazon rain forest

The Amazon rain forest is a tropical rain forest in South America. A tropical rain forest is a forest in part of the world the place it’s all the time heat. The timber in a tropical rain forest are inexperienced all yr, and the forest will get rain almost day by day.

The Amazon rain forest is the world’s largest tropical rain forest. It covers about 2 million sq. miles (5.2 million sq. kilometers). It’s greater than seven occasions as massive as Texas.

About two-thirds of the Amazon rain forest is in Brazil. The remaining is in eight different nations. The Amazon River goes via the rain forest. There are different rivers within the Amazon rain forest, too.

The Amazon rain forest has extra sorts of crops than some other place on the planet. Tens of hundreds of various sorts of timber and different crops develop there. The tallest timber are greater than one hundred sixty five ft (50 meters) excessive—or as tall as a 14-story constructing. Nuts, cocoa, rubber, and different helpful merchandise come from the crops.

The Amazon rain forest additionally has extra sorts of animals than another place on the earth. Greater than 1,300 sorts of birds make their residence within the rain forest. The rivers have as much as three,000 sorts of fish. As many as 30 million totally different sorts of bugs might stay there.

The Amazon rain forest is in peril. Individuals are chopping down the timber. They’re constructing farms and cattle ranches on the cleared land. Many teams are working to guard the Amazon rain forest.

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